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Auto Insurance Information

Understanding Auto Insurance

In the event that you have an accident or financial loss in your automobile, auto insurance serves as a form of protection that is agreed upon between you and your auto insurance company. In exchange for the payment of an allotted premium, your insurance company agrees to repay your losses, per your agreed upon policy.

There are three types of coverage that auto insurance policies typically provide protection for:

  • Liability coverage – This type of coverage can help to pay for any bodily injury or property damage inflicted upon others that is deemed your legal responsibility.
  • Property coverage – This type of coverage will help to pay for the theft of your auto or damage incurred.
  • Medical coverage – This type of coverage will help to pay for medical treatment and required rehabilitation in the event that someone is injured. In some insurance policies this coverage can even provide assistance with funeral costs and lost wages.

Typical auto policies typically have a variety of coverages to choose from, each of which can have an effect on the payment, or premium, amount due to the insurance company. In most states you will find that auto insurance is mandatory and that all drivers must have some form of coverage to be on the road. Additionally, if your auto is leased or financed your lender might also have specific insurance requirements for you to follow.

What is the Real Need for Auto Insurance?

Aside from the fact that lenders and many state laws require auto insurance to drive an automobile, purchasing auto insurance is a means of financial protection.

In the event of an accident or the theft of your car, whether or not you are at fault, fixing or replacing an automobile can be costly. If you are in an accident in which individuals are injured, medical costs and treatments can be another extremely high cost.

Additionally, if you are deemed at fault in an accident in which property or physical damage to others has occurred, the passengers of the other vehicle have a right to take legal action against you.

Getting Help from Your Insurance Agent

Understanding auto insurance and the value of obtaining it on your own can be somewhat difficult. The best resource to help you learn more about this type of financial protection is an independent auto insurance agent. These professionals are educated in a variety of policies and coverage that are ideal for the specific needs of each individual who gets behind the wheel of a car.

If you are planning on getting further assistance with your auto insurance needs, consider asking some of the following questions to your insurance agent:

  • How can I keep my out-of-pocket costs down in the event of an accident? Each premium period? – Your insurance agent should help you to develop an ideal insurance policy that offers your protection, but can remain within the constraints of your budget. He or she can explain the amount you would have to pay in the event of an accident (deductible) and what your premium would be for your chosen type of coverage.
  • Are there any discounts available that I can take advantage of? – Several insurance agencies offer discounts for drivers who have a good driving record, have multiple policies or are student drivers.
  • What is the process for filing a claim and how will it be settled? – Ask about the typical process that claims should progress through and who you need to contact in the event of an accident or damage incurred to your auto.

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